You exist to serve. We exist to give you more opportunities to serve.

Professional services is a noble calling. You are helping clients who are stuck. You are pushing them toward a better future, often against their will. When they win, they get the credit. When they lose, you take the blame.

You exist to serve, and you do it well.

Our mission is to help you do it for more clients. By taking what makes you uniquely you - your values, your beliefs about the world, your deep expertise, your personality - and packaging it in ways that help more people discover and trust you.

It's time someone was looking out for you the way you look out for your clients.

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We know your world. We've been there.

Madison was started by Sean Johnson. For 12 years he was a founding partner at Manifold, an early stage venture fund and innovation consulting firm. For 9 years he taught digital marketing at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management.

Sean learned the hard way how difficult it can be to market a professional services firm. Much of the playbook he learned working with startups simply didn't apply. He eventually learned how to turn himself and his team into Trusted Advisors who could build relationships and develop trust at scale.

He codified those lessons into the Madison Playbook, and teaches other professional services firms how to do the same.

What We Believe.

Calling. Professional services is a noble profession. When done well, trusted advisors encourage and support their clients to achieve tremendous things. We are called to help great advisors get the attention they deserve.

Wisdom. The world doesn't need more information. It needs more wisdom. Hard earned, thoughtful lessons practically applied. It needs to hear what you have to say. Your ideas are valuable, but they're being drowned out in a sea of algorithms and noise. They must be packaged and delivered to maximize their chances of spreading.

Craft. Work is an opportunity to bring the best of yourself to the world. It's a laboratory for the development of character. We believe that knowledge work is as much of a craft as woodworking, as much of an art as molding clay.

Details. Work is a performance. We believe not just in delivering great work but creating memorable experiences, for our clients and our team. We want to make it clear we've been thoughtful and detailed about every interaction.

Stewardship. Our clients are trusting us with their businesses, and we take that responsibility seriously. We treat their company, their resources, and their reputations as if they were our own. We believe the best way to build an enduring firm is to prioritize the needs of your client's over your own.

Perspective. We believe in having a longer time horizon. We believe in the power of 10 year visions. In compound interest. We believe trust is built over time, by making promises and keeping them, over and over again.