Your Point of View is your firm’s most powerful marketing and recruiting tool. Here's how to harness it.

If we’re being honest, you probably sell similar services to your competition. You have smart people, they have smart people. You have logos from great clients, they have logos from great clients. So how do you stand out?

We believe the best way to stand out is through the deliberate creation and communication of a compelling Point of View.

A strong Point of View tells prospective clients and team members not just what you do but why you do it. It elevates the conversation from deliverables to meaning and impact.

Madison helps you identify, refine, and communicate your Point of View. The result: a compelling story, communicated consistently, to create a lasting positive impression with clients and team members.

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Your Point of View comes from a number of sources:

Who You Serve

The specific client you aim to serve better than anyone else.

What You Believe

The unique insights and beliefs that informs what you do.

Why You Exist

Your values - what you want your firm to represent to the world.

How You Speak

The tone and style in which you communicate to your audience.

How Madison helps you identify and communicate your Point of View.

If it’s not simple your team won’t do it. How Madison makes expert thought leadership painless for your team.


We conduct a Point of View workshop with your partners or relevant stakeholders to identify themes, values, and talking points.

Madison copywriters translate this into a high impact Manifesto, to train and galvanize existing and new team members.


Madison helps you translate and communicate your Point of View across marketing channels and through Authority Marketing efforts.