Create a scalable thought leadership engine to transform your senior leaders into Trusted Advisors.

Your firm should certainly have its own marketing cadence. But people buy from other people, not companies.

Prospective clients don't want to just know and trust your firm. They want to know and trust the leaders within your firm.

The best way for your team to achieve Trusted Advisor status is by having their own communication cadence that supplements your own.

Doing so takes advantage of their own personal brands in addition to the firms, creating a combinatorial effect that you can't replicate otherwise.

But in most cases they are already overwhelmed trying to sell work, manage work, and do work. And so marketing activities perpetually move to the back burner.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Madison's Authority Marketing system helps you turn your Partners and revenue-generating professionals into Trusted Advisors through the creation and distribution of expertly crafted, high quality content.

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Every partner or revenue-generating professional in your firm should:

Have their own communication cadence...
In their area of expertise...
Infused both with their personality and the Point of View of the firm...
Published consistently...
Tailored to the channel it’s being published on.

Benefits of Authority Marketing

Amplify your brand. Your company needs its own content. But by combining company messages with messages from each of your revenue-generating professionals, you create a combinatorial effect that can dramatically increase awareness of your firm over time.

More organic business opportunities. High quality Authority Marketing drives more leads. As people become more aware of your revenue generating professionals they begin to build affinity and trust. When a buying window emerges, your team is already top of mind.

Higher engagement fees. Outsourcing and automation are likely to exert tremendous downward pricing pressure over the next decade. Authority Marketing creates increase brand and partner recognition, allowing your firm to increase fees improve margins over time.

Boost proposal win rates. When your partners achieve Trusted Advisor status, you immediately enter competitive bid situations with an advantage, and avoid avoid bidding for work entirely.

Increased referrals. Not everyone buys from you. But that doesn’t mean they don’t refer you. Because of the way LinkedIn’s algorithm works, when prospective clients engage with your partner’s content they surface that content to their networks automatically, creating increased brand recognition.

How Madison’s Authority Marketing System Works

If it’s not simple your team won’t do it. How Madison makes expert thought leadership painless for your team.


We conduct micro-interviews with each of your partners. These calls take 1 hour, and are systematically designed to surface their best ideas.


We create expertly-written, authoritative long and short-form content, optimized to rank in search results and reach on social platforms.


We create compelling hand-raising lead magnets to turn visitors into subscribers, allowing partners to nurture relationships over time.